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The Network Management Platform

developed under the Open Source model

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OpenNMS is a carrier-grade, highly integrated, open source platform designed for building network monitoring solutions. There are two distributions of OpenNMS: Meridian and Horizon. Using Meridian is advisable for enterprises and businesses looking for stability and long term support. Horizon is the place where innovation happens quickly and is ideal for monitoring new technologies and IT ecosystems. Both distributions are completely open source.

Service Assurance

Detect service outages and measure latency for graphing and thresholding via synthetic polling. Out-of-the-box support for many applications with configurable service monitors. Remotely monitor applications and services from the user's perspective.

Performance Management

Collect performance metrics from industry standard agents via SNMP, JMX, WMI, NRPE, NSClient++ and XMP simply through configuration. Gather performance data from applications via customizable generic collectors with HTTP, JDBC, XML or JSON.

Easy Integration

Use the flexible and extensible architecture of OpenNMS to extend service polling and performance data collection frameworks. Strong north bound interfaces for Alarms and ReST API help to integrate OpenNMS into your existing infrastructure.


OpenNMS is built on an event-driven architecture. Events are created from OpenNMS if services, interfaces, or nodes go down or thresholds are exceeded. SNMP traps and syslog messages are normalized into events and can be correlated to create high-level alarm workflows.

Topology Discovery

Discover layer 2 network topologies based on SNMP information from industry standards like LLDP, CDP and Bridge-MIB discovery. OpenNMS supports layer 3 routing topology discovery based on OSPF and IS-IS. Topologies are enriched with monitoring information.


Discover your network and applications through manual, detected, or ReST API driven interfaces via the OpenNMS provisioning system. Control device management with the ability to add, change, and remove devices.

Some of Our Latest Work

The latest projects which are in development or recently finished. This features are developed in Horizon and will flow back to Meridian.

Service Heatmap

Backshift graph visualization

Geographical Map

Grafana Support

Business Service Monitoring

Elasticsearch Forwarder